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Amber wholesale

Amber wholesale Trade
There are few stones around the world that are suitable for everyone: for children and adults, for old and young, for men and women. However, there is one "stone" that is suitable for all the manufacture of jewelry - the natural Baltic amber. For many years, the droplets of spicy teas are fascinated by their natural beauty.

A bit about amber
Our grandparents, traversing the Baltic Sea coast, discovered this irreplaceable sea property thousands of years ago, which was very different from other stones and minerals. In the hand he was warm, because of his softness was easy to work. Amber has become a popular material, suitable not only for the manufacture of jewelry, but also for various household items, decorations, used instead of incense.

Baltic amber, like ivory, was used to produce luxurious items and, like silk, had its own trade route. He traveled amber along the coast of the Baltic Sea - to Italy, Greece, Egypt, where he was highly regarded. Even after many centuries, amber products do not lose their value.

Most popular amber jewelry
Amber have natural colors, it is easy to work and is compatible with various metals, leather, wood. The Baltic amber is versatile, with a wide range of jewelry made from it. Amber XXL is one of the largest amber suppliers in Lithuania and it sells amber products: rings, earrings, necklaces, necklaces, amulets, bracelets, pendants, etc.

One of the most popular amber articles is amber necklace, which are an integral part of the Baltic culture. Natural amber necklaces are traditional Lithuanian jewelry, but people of other nationalities are happy to wear them. In the Amber XXL e-shop you can choose the right necklace for you (wholesale and wholesale amber necklace sales are also carried out).

Amber pendants are somewhat subtle, but no worse jewelry. Unlike amber necklaces, amber pendants need to focus on one particular detail, such as an inclination. The beetle or parts of the plant that is trapped and forever imprisoned in wicker is a unitary piece of nature. Such amber pendants are very suitable for people who love originality, especially for women, as a delicate piece of everyday wear.

Unique natural amber necklace also feature. From ordinary amber necklaces, the necklaces are distinguished by the fact that they are characterized by a more varied shape, a more elaborate way of dying, for example, unlike necklaces, a necklace can be pulled out of several rows of amber necklaces. Amber necklaces often have exclusive details, and amber necklaces are often dumped in pieces of a similar size and shape of amber. The base of an amber neck can also be made up of metal details, turning a larger amber piece into an accent of such a necklace. In addition, various stones, pearls, which, in harmony with amber, look very special, can be used in the production of amber necklaces.

Wholesale Amber Trade is one of the main areas of Amber XXL, so you can buy unique amber pendants, necklaces and other amber products from us.

Another favorite piece of jewelry is an amber bracelet that fits perfectly with amber necklaces. The bracelets are made from both processed and unlined amber. Uncut amber pieces are less appealing but have better healing properties. Amber pieces of different colors and shapes can be used to shape the bracelets. Necklaces look like bracelets, made of several colored beads.

Amber XXL is engaged in the wholesale trade of amber and offers dealers the purchase of various amber bracelets for women, men and children.

Another, perhaps less well-known, but in ancient times, a very popular jewelry - amber amulet. In the Baltic culture amber amulets were commonplace for children and adults. It is believed that an amber amulet can protect against evil. (It is not for nothing that amber has anti-bacterial properties, it was burned in churches instead of incense not only for sacred purposes - it was disinfected by indoor air.) Even today, the amber amulet is portable like a heart-loving and useful piece of jewelry. At Amber XXL you can buy various amber amulets.

Men's and children's amber jewelry
Although the Baltic amber is a universal raw material, jewelry for women, men and children is slightly different. For example, amber children's jewelry is made up of smaller pieces of amber. Amber jewelry for children is suitable for both girls and boys because it is not too bright. Real amber necklaces, amber bracelets are an excellent alternative to plastic jewelry, and are also harmless. The little man wearing an amber necklace or bracelet looks stylish. Amber jewelry perfectly combines with natural cloth garments.

Men's amber jewelry is different from feminine because it is more subtle and simpler. Men's amber necklaces are made from smaller, uniform shapes and sizes. Amber is not too bright for coloring amber. Unsalted amber is very suitable for men, because it is even more neutral than processed amber.

Men are made not only of amber necklaces - popular and amber bracelet. They fit perfectly with other accessories: men's watches, leather bracelets, rings. Men's amber bracelets are made from non-amber, pieces of uniform and size, worked or unpolished amber. The amber beads bracelets look like round, rich colors.
Other amber jewelry - amber chains, amber rings. These amber jewelry perfectly fits the usual precious metal jewelry, becoming an exclusive accessory and can be a great choice for originals who love men.

Amber XXL carries out wholesale trade in amber and sells exclusive, top quality products such as: amber necklace, amber bracelets, amber amulets, amber flowers, amber necklaces, amber bracelets, etc.

Be carefull
Nowadays, when amber retrieval has become an industrial phenomenon, while amber wholesale is massive, amber articles are decorated with shop windows for more than one shop. Unique amber products can cost hundreds and even thousands of euros. Still, cheaper items can be purchased, so amber is no longer a luxury item.
But precisely because of mass production, the value of amber is jeopardized, as the quality of amber products falls sharply. There are a lot of traders who sell non-genuine Baltic amber but cheaper substitutes for it. Often amber is ripped off, mixed with various materials. Such amber articles resemble plastic rather than genuine amber. Checking if the purchased amber is genuine can be done in a variety of ways. One of the easiest is to rub a lot of amber into a woolen cloth. Genuine amber should heat up and draw small pieces of paper.

Traders should carefully choose amber suppliers, because, unfortunately, not all of them are honest. After paying to the supplier as genuine amber, the trader may not even believe that he sells amber counterfeit.
Amber XXL is one of the largest amber exporters in Lithuania. We export amber to various countries around the world, including Canada, France, Japan, and the USA. We have been trading wholesale amber for more than twenty years, and in the meantime we have gained the confidence of our partners. Retailers from all over the world work with us. Our natural amber raw materials and amber products are of high quality. We only sell natural Baltic amber.

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